GMP Pharmaceutical Factory


1. Founded in 1873

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1873:Mr. Chuang Wen-Tso, the great great grandfather

of President Chuang Kung-Jen of this company, crossed

the sea from Quanzhou of Fujian to arrive Cijin Ferry Pier,

and established Chuang Song-Zong Drugstore by the

side of the pier.


2.During the Japanese Colonial Period

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1921:Being a sole Taiwan agent of Jingtongren Drugstore

in Tianjin, Mainland China.

1937:Establish a pharmaceutical factory to start making

medicines because after the Sino-Japanese broke out,

the medicines of Mainland China cannot be imported to

Taiwan. At that time 46 permits were obtained.

1945:The pharmaceutical factory was closed since Cijin

District was forced to implement evacuation during the

intense wartime period.


3.After the Restoration

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1946:Start the wholesale business of Chinese Medicines

1959:Reestablish the pharmaceutical factory to make

Chinese medicinal pills.



4.Establishment Period of Yanchao Factory

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1974:Yanchao Factory was established in Shenshui

Village, Yanchao Township.

Feb. 1985:Start the GMP plan.

May 1986:Implement GMP software operation.

July 10, 1987:Awarded the government's (1987) GMP

Certificate No. 045, and officially recognized as a GMP

pharmaceutical factory.


5.Research and Development Period

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Mar. 1993:Establish Research and Development

Department in Yanchao Factory.

Manufacture products of high concentration.

Development of new prescription.



6.Establishment Period of Ligang Factory

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1999:Ligang Factory was established in Ligang Township,

Pingtung County. Currently the factory has an area of

about 4,000 pings, and the floor area is about 3,000 pings.

On May 16, 2002 the factory was recognized as a GMP

pharmaceutical factory according to the government’s

Certificate, Wei Jhong Hui Yao Zi No. 91004958.

Ligang Factory has Administrative Building (including


Staff Training Audio-Visual Room, Research and


Management Department, and so on), Biotechnological


Building, and Health Food Building.


The factory was internally painted by epoxy paint, and


equipped with air seal air-conditioners which can stop


dust, insects or rats from penetrating to the factory. To


protect the environment, the factory is also built with


waste water purification tank, incinerator, dust collector,


and so on.





7.International Prospects

2001:Develop the European market.

2002:Develop the Australian and Hong Kong markets.

2003:Develop the American market.






Chuang Song Zong Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.