Objectives of the Company:
Founded in 1873, Chuang Song-Zong Pharmaceutical Factory all along follows the
family's traditional injunctions passed from generation to generation,“Although the
pharmaceutical process might not be watched by people, God knows it very well ”It
has been more than 130 years ever since the company started its operation. Today
the company has passed to the fifth generation, who still holds the operation idea
of “honesty, sincerity and conscience,” sticks to the pharmaceutical principles,
“Health and quality are always the first priorities,” and makes every batch of
medicines meet the GMP requirements, which are “safe,”“effective”and“stable
quality,” so as to offer the best service for the people of Taiwan.
In fact Chuang Song-Zong has always been pursuing the long-term goal, “To
promote the pharmaceutical standard, and put efforts on the research and
development of Chinese medicines.” Under this goal, Chuang Song-Zong all
along requests itself to achieve the best quality. In 1993 Research and
Development (R&D) Department was established in Yanchao Factory. In the same
year atomic absorption (AA) spectrophotometer was purchased. Then the research
unit started doing researches on making medicines of high concentration and
studying the safety of products.
Under the leadership of President Chuang Kung-Jen and the cooperative work of
all the staff, our products were extensively praised by the experts of the
pharmaceutical circle. From then on, the sales performance of the company grew
rapidly, and the demand was far greater than the supply. In 2001 great investment
was put on the establishment of Ligang Factory. Some advanced and precise
production equipments were newly purchased for this factory, including large
extractor and concentrator, tablet coater, and the German Huttlin Kugelcoater. To
strengthen the studies of quality control, more precise inspection instruments and
research equipments were purchased, such as HPLC aflatoxin detector, GC-MS
insecticide residue detector, inductively coupled plasma-optical emission
spectrometry (IPC-OES), and the constant temperature and humidity chambers.
Chuang Song-Zong positively engaged in the research and development (R&D) of
new medicines and healthcare food products, as well as the production of highly
effective and safest medicines, just for the respects to the lives of customers and
the care for the health of all citizens.
Future Prospects:
[Inherit the“traditional”pharmaceutical spirit, and integrate with the precise and
innovative“technology.”] For the last 130 years and more, Chuang Song-Zong has
always been a good example to learn from in the circle of Chinese medicines, and
a pioneer among the fellow Chinese pharmaceutical factories, leading the Chinese
medicines to march forward continuously in Taiwan. In 1987 Chuang Song-Zong
was the first Chinese pharmaceutical factor having passed the GMP examination.
Today when confronted with the approach of biotechnological times in the 21st
century, Chuang Song-Zong intends to accelerate the upgrading of its GMP level. It
has been positively planning to apply for changing the GMP Ligang Factory to be a
cGMP Factory and Laboratory. Once again, Chuang Song-Zong takes the lead to
bring the Chinese medicines of Taiwan to a new epoch, and make the
pharmaceutical quality surpass the advanced countries of the world.