[Health and quality are the first priorities.]
1.Ever since the establishment of Yanchao Factory, Chuang Song-Zong all along sticks to the
aim of providing good-quality products for the people of Taiwan. Currently, the inspection has
been promoted from the traditional type that merely focuses on products, to the inspection of
both products and staff. In order to further implement a strengthened quality control, Yanchao
Factory has purchased HPLC aflatoxin detector, which not only controls the stability of the
quality of medicines, but also accurately detects the percentage of ingredients.
2.In 1996 Yanchao Factory purchased atomic absorption (AA) spectrophotometer for detecting
the metallic ingredients, like lead, copper, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and so on, in the
materials and medicines. In 2003 Ligang Factory additionally purchased an inductively
coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (IPC-OES), which not only can detect the
ingredients of heavy metals, but also at the same time detect more than 70 trace elements,
just for producing zero-defect products at this factory.
3.In 2001, intending to take the promotion of quality control capability as the first priority, Ligang
Factory purchased a number of new equipments, including the HPLC aflatoxin detector,
and a GC-MS instrument for detecting the insecticide residue and testing the quantity
of molecules of up to more than 700 kinds. Besides, constant temperature and humidity
chambers were additionally installed, hoping to pursue the stability and safety of the
quality of Chinese medicines.
[To promote the pharmaceutical standard, and put efforts
on the research and development of Chinese medicines.]
1.To comprehensively promote the pharmaceutical standard is a
long-term goal of Chuang Song-Zong. In 1993, this company
established Research and Development (R&D) Department in
Yanchao Factory, studying the production of drug products of
high concentration.
2.In 1999 Ligang Factory of the company additionally purchased
the new equipments of pill coater and small-ball granulator,
eventually accomplishing the consistent operation. The factory
can now independently manufactures ointment, tablet, drops,
medicinal liquor, electuary, capsule, coated pill, sugarcoated
pill … and so on, and develops new packages of some
3.Regular cooperation with research units every year:
For example: Various cultural foundations, Pharmaceutical
Technical Development center, China Medical University.
Complying with the GMP regulations, this company continues
to improve pharmaceutical techniques, replace the old
equipments by the new ones, work hard for the goal of C-GMP
and the international market, and create a new epoch of
Chinese medicines together with all other pharmaceutical and
technological experts.